Playing in competitions at Trentham

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been strict regulations that must be followed. In response, Trentham Golf Club has developed a customised system of online entry for competitions, using cashless payments, timesheets and competition management. If or when the Covid-19 pandemic is over, the system may become a permanent feature of our competition management.

For those members who are unfamiliar with or who need refreshing on Trentham's competition system, this article will provide information on how competitions at Trentham work.

There are two components to the competition system:

  • The online GolfOn competition credits system that handles competition payments, and
  • OneGolf (provided by MiClub) that handles timesheets, competition management and handicapping.


  • Members don't have to pay with cash (or even remember to bring cash) on competition days.
  • There is no need for the clubhouse to be open.
  • Competition payment can be made online using a variety of methods, including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and direct bank deposit. If the clubhouse is open, credit payments can also be made at the finishing table using EFTPOS or cash.
  • There is no need for starters to take payments and organise groups.
  • Competition start times are available for a much longer period of the day, from 7am to 12.30pm.
  • The system is "self-service" and easy to administer.

Please note that the GolfOn competition credits system and OneGolf fulfil different functions and are not integrated.

Competition credit basics

Members purchase credits for future competition use. When you play in a competition, one credit ($5) is deducted from your account. You must be in credit (i.e. be financial within the on-line entry system) in order to play.

Since a competition at Trentham for Access members has a $15 green fee plus the $5 competition fee, Access members will have four credits ($20) deducted each time they play in a competition.

Please see the basic diagram of the system at the bottom of this section.


All members with handicaps (inc. Access and Lifestyle members) are now registered for the competition credits system. You are registered with your name and GolfLink number, and when first registered given 0 (zero) credits. You can then purchase 4, 8 or 12 credits at a time.

Purchasing credits

One Stop Competition Shop

There is a One Stop Competition Shop (see below) on the club website that enables you to manage your competition credits. You can check your current balance, and if low, purchase more credits using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or by making a direct bank deposit.

We prefer Paypal or card as it helps reduce administration and cross-checking bank deposits. Please note that credits will not be added to your balance until a successful transaction or bank deposit is made.

When the clubhouse is open it is also possible to purchase credits by EFTPOS or cash at the finishing desk after your round. You can also convert a trophy voucher to credits (1 credit per $5 voucher value).

Please note: vouchers such as Drummond Golf vouchers cannot be redeemed, they must be spent at Drummonds.

Paying for competitions

When members play in a competition, one credit ($5) is deducted each time from their account (four credits or $20 for Access members).



Trentham Golf Club uses the OneGolf competition system (supplied by MiClub) for timesheets, competition management and GolfLink handicapping.

Entering a competition

To enter a competition timesheet, members must log in to OneGolf  with their user name and password. Most members now have this log-in, but if you don't please contact

Competition timesheets open 7 days in advance. Click on "Bookings" in the OneGolf home page, then find the timesheet you wish to enter by clicking on the green OPEN. You can enter yourself on a timesheet ("Book Me") or a group ("Book Group" under each time). Using "Book Group" you can also add a visitor from another club who has a GolfLink number and handicap.

Visitors can pay for their round by using the ticket machine, or the Pay a Green Fee website form.

Teeing off

Starting is basically a "self-service" procedure. You must go to the 1st tee when it is your time according to the timesheet. Players who miss their teetime may be required to wait for a vacant time, which could be 1-2 hours later if the bookings are heavy.


There are two options: the MiScore App or a traditional card.

MiScore App

We prefer the MiScore App because it reduces administrative time and your scores can be reported and processed immediately you finish. Players who are using MiScore app really like it.

The MiScore app is available from the Apple Store for iPhones or the Play Store for Android phones. The log-in is the same as for OneGolf bookings and timesheets. The user subscription cost is $16.49 (inc GST) per year.

Traditional Card

You can use a paper card for scoring. You can use the touchscreen to enter your hole-by-hole scores (appropriate sanitising required during Covid-19).


Full results will be available for every competition through OneGolf. Click on "My Results" after logging in.

A summary will be provided on Facebook.

If you wish to contact Trentham Golf Club, or ask a question about the course or club, please use this form. (Please note any spam messages will be ignored.)
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