Wednesdays: women's competition
Thursdays: mixed competition
Saturdays: men's and women's competition


WED4WomenStroke, 1st round Grace Moloney trophy, 3rd round Silver Spoon
THU5MixedStroke, Monthly Medal, 2nd round putting
SAT7WomenStroke, Medal, 1st round Grace Moloney trophy
SAT7MenStroke, Monthly Medal, 2nd round Putting, 1st round Winter Cup
WED11WomenStroke, Medal, 3rd round Graeme Purton trophy
SAT14WomenStroke, 4th round Graeme Purton trophy
SAT14MenStableford, 2nd round Doubles Knockout
SUN15MenDalhousie District Men’s Championship at Trentham
WED18WonenStableford, Doris Chambers
SAT21WomenStableford, Bradleys Curtains final
SAT21MenPar, 3rd round Doubles Knockout
WED25WomenStroke, 2nd round Grace Moloney trophy, 4th round Silver Spoon
SAT28WomenStroke, 1st round Club Championships, 2nd round Grace Moloney trophy
SAT28Men4BBB Stableford, Final Singles Knockout

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