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Buy a tree (Paypal and Credit Card)


This form is for donations by Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. For donations by Direct Bank Deposit, please use the form below:


Trentham Golf Club is undertaking a major project to rehabilitate parts of the course that were previously pine forests.

There are two aspects to the rehabilitation:

  • Providing a natural environment for native wildlife and
  • Developing some parts of the course as an arboretum with significant species in some areas and along pathways.

We are working with the Trentham Landcare group and the North Central Catchment Management Authority to bring this project to fruition, assisted by an environmental grant from the Commonwealth Government through the office of our local member, Catherine King.

You can help us with this exciting project by purchasing a tree. There are three types of tree available:

1. Advanced large trees.
These will be used in "show" areas, along paths and as single specimens to provide beauty for golfers as they walk through the course. Each tree is $140 with a sturdy guard.

2. Bare rooted trees.
These will be used for larger plantings under the same concept as the advanced trees. Each tree is $80 with a sturdy guard.

3. Smaller trees or tubes.
These will be planted en masse for wildlife habitat in large rehabilitation areas. Each small tree or lot of 10 tubes is $40 with guards.

Of course, we will happily accept any smaller amount.

To donate, please fill out the form below. You can pay by Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

Thanks for your donation, and we are looking forward to seeing the improved beauty of our course in future years.


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Course conditions

29 November 2020

The course is generally in excellent condition

Fairways: Excellent grass cover.

Greens: Very good..

Surrounds: Excellent. A blue line has been painted some 10m out from each green. Carts MUST stay outside this line to protect turf. Do not drive carts onto slopes around greens or close to green edges.