The latest news and views about the Trentham Golf Club.

A huge thank you

When we surveyed the course after the storm on June 9, we wondered how we would ever clear it to be playable again. However, with some simply great work from everyone we've managed to do it! This help has come from:

  • Our greens staff, Bob Dobinson and Sam Bruton, and their assistants John Bell and Mark Fisher, who have done an amazing job in often wet conditions.
  • All the volunteer members who have helped on the course, from chainsawing to clearing, raking and piling, or simply providing lunches to workers.
  • Volunteer greens staff who have come from other clubs, as far away as Portland and Portsea!
  • Arborists, machinery operators and mulchers that we have hired to do work in a professional and timely manner
  • Committee members who have organised working bees (big cheer to Geoff Durham!) and a host of administrative requirements for organisation and help.

A special thanks to neighbouring clubs who offered their courses to Trentham members while our course was out of action. It was really appreciated by members, and shows the spirit of co-operation that exists within golf.

So a great big Trentham Golf Club thankyou to everyone!

Volunteer members, visitors and greens staff all did a magnificent job to re-open the course.


Social teetime bookings now available

Book directly and pay online

Social teetime bookings are now available at Trentham through MiClub's booking system. Click on the "Social Golf Bookings" at the top of this page to select a teetime online and pay by Mastercard or Visa (uses the secure Stripe payment gateway). Basic registration is required, but once completed it does not need to be repeated for subsequent bookings.

Trentham member teetime bookings are now made at If you are using a smartphone or iPad, the member home page will automatically switch to the mobile version of MiClub for easier booking and competition access.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" link in the MiClub home page.

Help restore our course

Course restoration fund

Trentham Golf Club was severely impacted by the storm on June 9. Over 70 large trees were blown down, as well as some structural damage to course assets.

We have been asked by members and the public how they can help financially to restore the course, so we have set up a restoration fund for anyone who wishes to donate. All funds raised will go towards course restoration costs. Any donation of any amount will be very welcome.

This event has been even harder for the club than any Covid lockdown over the last 18 months. Not only did we lose nearly two months income from closing, the cost of the clean-up has been considerable. With costs for arborists, machinery hire, chipping and wood removal, plus loss of income from green fees, competitions and bar, we are looking at a total loss of more than $60,000.

One of the big issues has been what to do with all the debris, branches and wood that has been cleared. It is filling a lot of space. There is also consequential damage to fairways and pathways that have been churned up by machinery and vehicles accessing the fallen trees for clean-up. These will need repair, and paths and tracks re-surfaced, adding further to the cost of recovery.


Photo comparison 1946 to now: what a change!

Trentham Golf Club was first formed in 1937. The club commenced by leasing land for a 9-hole course on land owned by the Trentham Co-operative Society. In October 1949, the club purchased all the land owned by the Co-operative Society and over 60 years has developed the course we have today.

To compare what the course looked like in 1946 to what it looks like today, click the link below. The historic aerial photo from 1946 shows the Trentham Co-operative Society's yards and slaughterhouse just forward of the 4th tee among the large cypress trees, most of which still exist. The club's sand greens show as white dots, some in the same place as today's greens. Some trees existed in 1949, such as those around the 15th tee, the large Manna gum on the hill on the corner of the 16th, and some roadside trees. But nearly all trees on the course, native and exotic, have been planted since the land was purchased in 1949.


Trentham pennant win

(l-r) Leif Louwen-Skovdam, Peter Jaegar, Simon Ovenden, Victor Czapp, Sholto Arnold, Denis Wilkinson, Brent Leheny

Congratulations to Trentham men’s Division 1 Restricted pennant team, who won the pennant final on Sunday May 23rd. Played against Hidden Valley and held at Whittlesea Golf Club, the Trentham team won by a margin of 4.5 to 2.5. It was a tight affair, with contests being close for most of the day.

Well done to Captain Denis Wilkinson on leading the team, and to the team on the day: Victor Czapp, Denis Wilkinson, Peter Jaeger, Sholto Arnold, Brent Leheny, Leif Louwen-Skovdam and Simon Ovenden.

A big thank you to those who played across the season, and to those supporters who came out today. It was a great day!

Simon Ovenden (Trentham Club Captain)

13th tee works

Improvement to the area behind the 13th tee is looking great.

Thanks to Brian Cross for the large rocks from his property at Smeaton, Darrin McLean Landscaping for the machine time and Geoff Durham for giving up his golf day to spread mulch.

This area was previously thick with broom, blackberries, willows and poisonous hemlock. The NCCMA (North-Central Catchment Management Authority) provided the workforce to eliminate the weeds prior to the landscaping work. They will be back planting the area with native shrubs for habitat and soil retention later in the year.

Womens golf continues to grow

Increasing competition numbers

Participation by women at Trentham Golf Club continues to grow. We now have over 70 women members and their involvement in all facets of the club is increasing.

The 4BBB Stableford event on Wednesday April 14 was the annual playoff for the Golf Australia Royal Womens Hospital fund raiser and had 36 players. It was certainly crowded with the multi-tee start!

Course improvements keep coming

A huge thanks to Shane Robinson who has now completed the task of building nineteen treated-pine sand and rubbish bins on all tees. They are attractive and keep crows out of the bins and the sand dry.

The large and dangerous cypress next to the 1st tee was removed over two days on April 19 and 20. This greatly improves light getting on to the first tee to improve its condition. It also gives a good view of the lake and other parts of the course. New low planting will replace the hedge around the edge of the tee.

Stumps will be removed along the 9th, 10th and 14th fairways. VicRoads has reduced the dead tree behind the 9th green to a height of 8 metres and we collected all the firewood for splitting and sale.

Work on improving the drainage on tees and greens has been progressing well. The 8th, 9th and 16th greens, plus the 9th and 17th tees have been improved. There is GUR in front of these greens until they grass in.

We will be improving the landscaping around the 13th tee waterfall this year with rocks prior to planting. Thanks to Brian Cross for sourcing the rocks from his property at Smeaton and Darrin McLean for landscaping the area once the rocks are on site.

If any member has time to spare, please come and help at one of our upcoming working bees. With everyone's help, the course will keep on improving!

Green fee price rise to $35

First increase since 2014

Trentham will be increasing the Adult 18-hole green fee from $30 to $35 from April 1st. It is the first time green fees have risen since 2014 (when they rose to $30). The decision was made at the club's March committee meeting and reflect the increased cost of doing business, particularly greenkeeper wage rises and club insurance over the last seven years. Prices on the ticket machine have been adjusted to reflect the rise.

Visitor prices into our competitions will also increase to $25 ($20 green fee plus $5 competition fee). There will be no increase to the 9-hole or junior green fee rates. Green fees for Access and Lifestyle members (April to September) will remain at $20.

In regard to competition prizes, new voucher books have now been printed, and from this Thursday winners in each grade of a men's or mixed competition will receive a $30 voucher (up from $25). There will be a new voucher of $15 for the runners-up in each grade. The increased prizes reflect the larger numbers entering our competitions, often over 70 players.

Grade numbers remain the same, with three grades for competitions of more than 40 male players.