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Volunteers get to work

Geoff Durham has organised working bees on two recent Tuesdays. The first was used to repaint all the hire buggies in a nice tone of dark grey, with new rubber handles. The second saw a lot of blackberries removed from gardens and underneath our beautiful rhododendrons. The photo shows the somewhat scratched but happy volunteers, along with a before and after shot of the rhododendron beside the 14th tee.

Many thanks to Geoff and his group of volunteers. There will be more working bees in 2018, so if you have a couple of hours to spare every month or so, please talk to Geoff and volunteer.

Course conditions

28 December 2017

 Fairways: The fairways are still in good condition. With the hotter weather they are drying to straw-coloured patches. Still good lies.

 Greens: Excellent.

 Surrounds: Excellent.

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