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Current local rules

Temporary Local Rule for Abnormal Ground Conditions

The following areas of the course are ground under repair from which play is prohibited:

  1. All trench works across the course and beside the first green.
  2. Any ash piles that have resulted from burning off.

If a player's ball lies in these areas, or if it interferes with the player's stance or the area of their intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 25-1b.

Permanent Local Rule

Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:

When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1. This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.

Golf Fore a Cause

Events at Trentham may be included in the Western Open "Golf Fore a Cause" competition operated and supported by Drummond Golf Niddrie. Proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Entry costs an extra $5 over the normal club competition fee, and there is $1500 worth of prizes available each month, including $500 for the best score. All scores will be judged on the golfer's handicapping score in GolfLink. Every golfer who matches or beats their handicap will win a sleeve of three golf balls.


We are always in need of additional volunteers for starting fields and serving in the bar. If there are any members not rostered who would like to help by offering their services, please contact Dick Ellis (Thursday starters), John Hudson (Saturday starters) or Terry South (all bar rosters).

Thursday starter rosters September-November 2017

Thank you for your ongoing support. If you cannot attend on your rostered day please arrange a change with someone else listed and notify Dick Ellis.

With the introduction of OneGolf, only one starter will be rostered from September onwards. Starting will now involve collecting and recording competition fees and assembling and despatching playing groups.

Hit-off times are 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Please aim to be at the clubhouse just prior to 10.00 a.m. on the day you are a starter. To avoid being "stranded" at the end, arrange for someone to join you for a late hit-off.

Note: players are to be sent off in groups of three after 11.30 a.m. (twos if necessary).

Date Event Starters
September 21 Stableford Mike Aston
September 28 Par David Fry
October 5 Monthly Medal Stroke David Evans
October 12 4BBB Stableford Les Healey
October 19 Annual Tournament - No Golf  
October 26 Stableford Ken Anders
November 2 Monthly Medal Stroke Keith Webster
November 9 Stableford Ian Cornthwaite
November 16 American Foursomes Mark Fisher
November 23 Par Jim Paul
Novermber 30 Stableford Geoff Durham

Not rostered (will be on the next roster): Neville Anderson, John Terry, Roy Capener, Michael Hotchin, Morrie Tisdale, Mike De Jong, Patrick Ryan, Harold Moore, Chris Milne, Dick Ellis, Reg Palmer.

Saturday starter rosters September 2017

Thank you for volunteering. If you cannot attend on your rostered day please arrange a change with someone else listed and note it on the sheet pinned in clubhouse, or contact John Hudson.

Date Event Starters
September 16 Stroke David Fry, Ken Anders
September 23 Stroke Ian Power, Reg Palmer
September 30 Grand Final Breakfast Alan Hopkins, John Smithwick
October 7 Stroke Monthly Medal John Hudson
October 14 Stroke Alan Snowden
October 21 Tournament American Foursomes Colin Wilson
October 28 Stableford David Head
November 4 Stroke Monthly Medal Shane Robinson
November 11 Stableford Ian Power
November 18 Stableford John Smithwick
November 25 4BBB Stableford plus AGM Seaton Jones
December 2 Stroke Monthly Medal Alan Hopkins
December 9 2-person Ambrose Russell Hanson
December 16 Stableford Harold Moore
December 23 4BBB Stableford Ken Anders
December 30 Stableford Reg Palmer

 Bar rosters September-December 2017

Thank you for volunteering. If you cannot attend on your rostered day please arrange a change with someone else listed and note it on the sheet pinned in clubhouse, or contact Terry South on 0404 800 950.

Date Day Bar person
September 16 Saturday Alan Hopkins
September 21 Thursday Vicki Adamson
September 23 Saturday Shane Robinson
September 28 Thursday Les Healey
September 30 Saturday (GF Breakfast) Geoff Varley
October 5 Thursday Chris Milne
October 7 Saturday Alex Evered
October 12 Thursday Phil Osborne
October 14 Saturday Geoff Durham
October 15 Sunday (Tournament) Gary Middleton
October 17 Tuesday (Tournament) Terry South
October 18 Wednesday (Tournament) John Hudson, Terry South
October 20 Friday (Tournament) Terry South, Vicki Adamson
October 21 Saturday (Tournament) Shane Robinson, Terry South
October 22 Sunday (Tournament) Patrick Ryan, Chris Milne
October 26 Thursday Neil Aplin
October 28 Saturday Vicki Adamson
November 2 Thursday Les Healey
November 4 Saturday Roger Edwards
November 9 Thursday Tom O'Connell
November 11 Saturday Alan Snowden
November 12 Sunday (Trentham Plate) Terry South
November 16 Thursday Alan Hopkins
November 18 Saturday Doug Hartwig
November 23 Thursday Patrick Ryan
November 25 Saturday Di Riley
November 30 Thursday Gary Middleton
December 1 Friday (Blackwood Special Day) Phil Osborne
December 2 Saturday Geoff Varley
December 7 Thursday Geoff Durham
December 9 Saturday Alex Evered
December 14 Thursday Chris Milne
December 16 Saturday Alan Hopkins
December 21 Thursday Vicki Adamson
December 23 Saturday Shane Robinson
December 28 Thursday Neil Aplin
December 30 Saturday Di Riley

Look up your handicap

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Course conditions

16 November 2017

 Fairways: Excellent grass cover.

 Greens: Cored on 15-16 November. Will take 1-2 weeks to fully recover.

 Surrounds: Excellent.

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