Wednesdays: women's competition
Thursdays: mixed competition
Saturdays: men's and women's competition

SAT1Men Stroke, Monthly Medal, 2nd round Club Championships
SAT1WomenStroke, 6th Monthly Medal, 6th round Eunice Hourigan Trophy, 6th round Putting
SUN2WomenPennant, 3rd round
WED5WomenStroke, Final Silver Spoon, 6th Monthly Medal, 6th round Eunie Hourigan Trophy, 6th round putting
THU6Mixed Stroke, Monthly medal, 1st round mid-week championships
SAT8Men Stroke, 3rd round club championships
SAT8WomenStroke, Medal of Medallists
SUN9WomenPennant, 4th round
WED12WomenStroke, Medal of Medallists, 4th round of Singles Knockout completed
THU13Mixed Stroke, 2nd round mid-week championships
SAT15Men Stroke, 4th round Club Championships
SAT15WomenPar, 3rd round Elaine Hanson Trophy
SUN16WomenPennant, 5th round
MON17Mixed Golf Australia Trentham Seniors Tournament
TUE18Mixed Golf Australia Trentham Seniors Tournament
WED19Women Stroke, 18-hole Open
THU20Mixed 4BBB Stableford, Men, Women and Mixed
FRI21Mixed 4 person ambrose Men, Women and Mixed
SAT22Mixed American Foursomes, Men, Women and Mixed
SUN23Men Stroke, 36-hole Open
SUN23WomenPennant Final
THU27Mixed Stableford
SAT29Men Stableford

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