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COVID-19 on-course procedure and local rules

Trentham Golf Club has to conform to the amended Government regulations for golf course play.

The clubhouse is open for a maximum of 20 people. Food service has resumed.

Attendance of members and guests

  • If a member is showing any flu-like symptoms they must stay away from the club completely. You should get tested immediately.

Before play

  • There is still a requirement to keep social distance around the car park, practice green or first tee.
  • There is a limit of 20 people for groups in non-competitive outdoor recreation facilities. Anyone found congregating in a group of more than 20 risks a personal fine of $1600, and a possible fine for the club.
  • Sanitise your hands as necessary.
  • Tee off at your tee time on the OneGolf tee sheet. For the system to work, players must adhere to the time they select.
  • Play can be in groups of 4.

On the course

  • Players must respect the rules of social distancing at all times.
  • There will be no nearest the pin prizes.
  • To avoid person-to-person contact, there will be no hand shaking, high fives, dollar bets or similar.
  • There will be no hire of motorised carts.
  • Members own carts can be used. Members are responsible for sanitising their own carts. There is a limit of one person per cart. Riding two in a cart breaches the rules of social distancing.
  • Flag sticks must remain in the hole at all times. Holes have been adjusted so the ball sits somewhat below the lip and is easy to pick up without touching the flagstick or sides of the hole.
  • Bunker rakes have been removed. Bunkers can be smoothed with a club or foot.
  • A Local Rule allowing preferred lies in bunkers has been introduced.
  • The small pins have been removed from the practice putting green.
  • No clubs are available for hire.
  • Members should take a sand bucket for their personal use, take it home and in the future bring it to the course each time they play. Do not share buckets. All other buckets have been locked away.
  • Scoops have been removed from sand bins.
  • Do not touch anyone's bag, clubs or cart other than your own.

After play

  • Submit your scorecard in the clubhouse either through the touchscreen or by depositing it in the box on the finishing table, depending on what is required.

For your own safety and that of others, and to avoid fines by yourself or the golf club, please observe these requirements.

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Course conditions

23 July 2020

Fairways: Fairways are in good condition. Playing preferred lies due some mud on balls.

Greens: Good.

Surrounds: Excellent. A blue line has been painted some 10m out from each green. Carts must stay outside this line to protect soft areas of the surrounds after rain.

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