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This is your one stop shop for online competitions.

For details on how the online competition system works, please view the following:

If you are not registered for credits, you must register first otherwise any credits bought won't be applied to your account.

Fill in your full GolfLink number below to check your credits. You may need to hit the "Tab" key after entering your GolfLink number. Your name and your current credits will appear in the next two fields.

If no name appears, or the wrong name appears, check your GolfLink number is correct. If your name still doesn't appear, you may not be registered.

Your full GolfLink number is required.

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To add to your credit balance, you can buy more credits below. Please note that credits will not be applied until the Paypal or card transaction is completed.

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A charge of 2.5% (shown as a "tax" on Paypal transactions) will be added to Paypal and credit card payments to cover our fees and charges and administration costs.
This equals 50 cents for 4 credits.

For Paypal, Visa and Mastercard transactions

Credits will not be added to your account until the Paypal, Visa or Mastercard transaction is completed.

For direct bank deposits

Wait for the confirmation message. The e-mail you receive will have our banking details. Payment must be made into our bank and you must be in credit before you enter any competition.

 We recommend using the MiScore App. Available from the Apple and Android stores.

Otherwise, report your score for today's competition at Trentham using this form.

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You need to provide your whole 10-digit GolfLink number.

Have you made sure your score is correct?