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Handicapping policy

This policy defines handicapping procedures at Trentham Golf Club in compliance with Golf Australia's Handicap System.

The Handicap Manager is responsible for all handicapping matters. The Handicap Manager will form a Committee and ensure its members are familiar with handicapping, OneGolf and GolfLink requirements.

  • To gain an initial handicap, players must become a golf club member and complete three 18-hole rounds of golf in the company of a golf club member. Six 9-hole scores are acceptable providing they equate to three 18-hole scores. Cards for these rounds are forwarded to the Handicap Manager for processing.
  • The handicap committee will determine course settings (i.e. red, white or blue tees) and create events and competitions in the OneGolf competition system.
  • Players will register for each competition on the OneGolf touchscreen, fill in a score card with their handicap, and hand it to the starters together with their competition fee. Starters will record their payment in the competition book.
  • All stroke events (including Monthly Medals) will be decided by the stroke score. Recording a Stableford points score on the card is optional. Stableford scores for handicapping purposes will be determined automatically when scores are entered into the OneGolf system.
  • Par events will be played as Par and converted by OneGolf to Stableford for handicapping.
  • Conforming social scores may be handicapped. Players must notify the handicap or match committees in advance when playing such rounds and their cards submitted to the Handicap Manager immediately rounds are completed.
  • Players who withdraw during rounds due to frustration, poor play etc. but not illness (i.e. the old 'NCR'), may be handicapped based on holes completed.
  • 4-ball events will not be handicapped.
  • Aggregate and Compound events will be handicapped
  • For 4-stick events or similar, only a score that is equal to or better than the player’s daily handicap will be entered into GolfLink.
  • Ambrose and other novelty events will not be handicapped.
  • 9-hole competitions can be handicapped. Such events are not normally played at Trentham. If introduced in the future, the Handicap Manager will establish GolfLink data, slope ratings etc.
  • The Handicap Manager can adjust player's handicaps in special circumstances, such as a player returning from illness or injury, or in situations where a player may be deliberately protecting or manipulating their handicap.
  • In the event a temporary course becomes necessary, the Handicap Manager will liaise with Golf Victoria to establish temporary par, ACR and Slope ratings.
  • When competitions are called-off due to bad weather, no scores will be actioned for handicapping.

21 Jan 18

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