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New world handicap system

The World Handicap System will take full effect in Australia on January 30th 2020. Golf Australia’s national computerised handicapping service (GolfLink) will be taken offline from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th January 2020. During this time, GA handicaps will be recalculated using all of the new WHS regulations.

Australia already operates under most of the WHS regulations, however there will be some changes:

Bonus reduction for exceptional net score

GolfLink will apply an automated extra reduction to a player’s GA handicap for any net score that is at least 7 strokes better than it.

Soft cap

In addition to the existing hard cap of 5 strokes, a soft cap is being introduced. The soft cap will take effect once a player’s GA handicap increases to 3 strokes above its best point for the previous 12 months. Once in the soft cap zone, a player’s GA handicap will only be allowed to increase by 50% of the calculated amount.

Adjustment made to daily handicap if scratch rating is different to par

This will make 36 Stableford points (or net par) the universal measure of a golfer playing to their handicap. As a result, it will become simple to conduct mixed-gender or multi-tee competitions.

For more information see: https://www.golf.org.au/newsandcommunication

Monday Muggers

The Monday Muggers is a group of club members that play social golf on most Mondays throughout the year at the club, followed by a barbeque. Players assemble at 9.00 am for a 9.30 am 'multi-tee' hit-off. Friends and visitors (including occasional golfers) are welcome.

Trentham Travellers

The Monday Muggers sometimes organise visits to other golf clubs, and they become known as the Trentham Travellers. They may organise day trips to nearby clubs, or 2-3 day trips to more distant locations e.g. the Murray River. The feature is good golf with friends and a welcoming social atmosphere. If you are interested in these visits, please contact Dick Ellis or Harold Moore. 

If you wish to contact Trentham Golf Club, or ask a question about the course or club, please use this form. (Please note any spam messages will be ignored.)
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