Trentham Golf Club is rehabilitating and revegetating its old pine plantations. It is a huge task and we need to raise $35,000 to make it all happen.

Significant progress has been made already, however there is a lot more to do. The work covers nearly 3 hectares or 6% of the entire course and includes earth-moving, mulching, planting and watering. We need your help!

We will plant indigenous species suitable for our climate for habitat. In feature areas, we will plant exotic trees with flowers and autumn colour. All plantings will complement and enhance the existing natural beauty of the course. The course will become even more renowned for its overall beauty, colours, diversity and wildlife.

How can you help?

  • Buy a tree
  • Sponsor a major area
  • Make a donation

Areas of the project

There are five significant areas of the course that form the rehabilitation project. These are:

  1. The Avenue (0.3ha). The area along the fence line and path extending from the 6th to the 8th green. It will feature flowering plants such as rhododendrons and ornamental pears to enhance and make a feature of the path between the 6th green and the 7th tee, then through to the 8th green.
  2. The Grasslands (1.0ha). This area between the 7th and 8th fairways will feature lower native species for habitat and to retain vistas across the golf course.
  3. The Corner (0.2ha). This smaller area between the 6th and 7th fairways will be a feature planting of exotic deciduous trees and both native and exotic flowering shrubs for birds.
  4. The Hill (1.1ha). This large hill area between the 14th green and the 16th fairway will be planted to larger native trees and indigenous shrubs and grasses for wildlife habitat.
  5. The Waterway (0.4ha). Behind the 13th tee, this area along the Stony Creek features steep slopes with a small winter waterfall. It will be planted to enhance the winter waterfall and for native habitat and erosion protection.

Buy a tree or donate

We need to buy trees and shrubs to complete the plantings in the designated areas. We are doing this to a strict planting scheme for each area. We also need funds to finish preparation of The Hill near the 16th fairway.

We have advanced trees already planted in The Corner. With Trentham Landcare we have excellent assistance and funding to plant 1800 tube stock on an initial section of The Hill near the 17th fairway. But we need thousands more trees and plants, as well as some more preparation.

You can help us in all the areas by donating $40 for a small tree or a dozen tubes, $80 for a medium tree or $140 for a large advanced tree. Or you can simply make any monetary donation of any value. Your gift of any type will be greatly appreciated.

All deductions of $2 or more made through the Australian Sports Foundation will be fully tax deductible. Go to the Australian Sports Foundation website, or click the logo below:

If this is not a factor for you, you can donate direct to the club. Anyone who donates $50 or more will be acknowledged on the website.



Major area sponsorship

By donating $5000, you or your business can choose your area to sponsor. You will get to add your name to the area and a plaque will permanently recognise your contribution. You will be recognised on the website and in the course description. There will also be an official ceremony to acknowledge your very generous donation. This opportunity is rare and is the first time in the Club’s history it has been offered.

For major area sponsorship, please contact Geoff Durham on 0438 621 483 or Ross Fletcher on 0412 887 840.

Current donations

Follow the tree below to see how donations are going. On July 27, we have reached over one-half of our target.


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