A huge thanks to Shane Robinson who has now completed the task of building nineteen treated-pine sand and rubbish bins on all tees. They are attractive and keep crows out of the bins and the sand dry.

The large and dangerous cypress next to the 1st tee was removed over two days on April 19 and 20. This greatly improves light getting on to the first tee to improve its condition. It also gives a good view of the lake and other parts of the course. New low planting will replace the hedge around the edge of the tee.

Stumps will be removed along the 9th, 10th and 14th fairways. VicRoads has reduced the dead tree behind the 9th green to a height of 8 metres and we collected all the firewood for splitting and sale.

Work on improving the drainage on tees and greens has been progressing well. The 8th, 9th and 16th greens, plus the 9th and 17th tees have been improved. There is GUR in front of these greens until they grass in.

We will be improving the landscaping around the 13th tee waterfall this year with rocks prior to planting. Thanks to Brian Cross for sourcing the rocks from his property at Smeaton and Darrin McLean for landscaping the area once the rocks are on site.

If any member has time to spare, please come and help at one of our upcoming working bees. With everyone's help, the course will keep on improving!

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