From the November issue of the local Trentham Trumpet:

Still in lockdown our Plonkers thought long and hard about where else in Trentham they could review.

“How about our sporting clubs?” Digby suggested as he watched yet another repeat of his beloved Demons. “There’s the footy, netball and cricket sportsground and the bowls and golf clubs. I don’t think the petanque, tennis or table tennis crews offer food and drink...”

Niles, keen to shift the focus from football responded, “Actually I have heard from a keen golfer that the Trentham Golf Clubhouse is the best kept secret in town! They apparently have some excellent local wines, and their kitchen is open every Thursday and Saturday afternoon.”


So, off they went to try what Birdies Kitchen and Purdy’s Bar at the Trentham Golf Club had to offer. Nervous at the thought of being inside a sports club (something neither of our wine lovers had experienced often), they were made to feel very welcome by President Keith, and Karen in the kitchen.

On the menu was easy, honest ‘fast’ food. ‘Fast’ because service was prompt, but all made fresh to order. Options included egg and bacon rolls, vegie wraps, and delicious looking home-made sausage rolls. Ordering burgers (Niles the beef, Digby the schnitzel with bacon) they turned their attention to the bar. With a dozen bottled beers on offer and various local, (and from further afield) wines they were spoilt for choice.

They asked the volunteer bartender for the most popular beer and were rewarded with a mid-strength Great Northern, which neither Plonker was familiar with. Crisp and light it went down very well.

Their meals arrived and they were pleasantly surprised. Niles’ beef burger had all the trimmings – including beetroot and a perfectly fried egg while Digby’s schnitzel was homemade and nestled alongside crispy bacon in a Turkish roll. Digby decided such meals deserved local wines to accompany, so dashed back to the bar to procure a Hanging Rock Shiraz and a Wombat Forest Pinot Gris. Paying just $8 a glass for the local red and $6 for the white wine felt like a steal (not that he told Niles...).

Niles had never tried the Hanging Rock Shiraz and was delighted at the Heathcote grapes they used saying out loud (but not too loud) “Mmmm, chocolate bullets and purple fruit.” Digby, well familiar with the wonderful offerings from Wombat Forest (the chardonnay was also available by the glass in the club) enjoyed his fresh and zesty Pinot Gris, the perfect balance to the creamy aioli in his burger.

The food proved delicious with serves generous. Niles quipped “Digby, I think we should keep this place a secret, if word gets out there will be bus loads in here. The golfers seem to know they’re onto a good thing.”

“Yes”, whispered Digby, gazing up at all the names printed in gold on the honour boards all about the room, “This place is like a history lesson of some of the great characters and golfers of Trentham and district since the 40s. But I think we need to share...”


Digby & Niles, The Plonkers


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