Created: 25 January 22 25 January 22

The committee and the match committee have determined that competition teetimes on Thursdays and Saturdays will now be available from early morning until 12.30pm. Members have been entering competitions well before 8.30 for some time, this policy just formalises the preference that members have already made with their bookings. The availability of competition credits for payment, booking sheets for entry and score recording through MiScore or touchscreen has made this easily manageable.

Gender composition of groups within all competition tee times is up to individual choice and preference.

Public tee times on Thursdays and Saturdays are still limited to before 8.30am and after 12.30pm. If you book into a competition earlier than 8.30am, be prepared to share the course with, and be courteous to, green fee players.

The last competition tee time is still 12.30pm in order to wrap up the competition as close to 5.00pm as possible.