7-day green fee pass
Access membership plus 5-day green fee pass
(Incl. 10% tax)

Combine an Access membership with a 5-day green fee pass that entitles you to play on the course from Monday to Friday for 12 months.

This combination will allow mid-week golfers who do not play regularly in competitions to keep a GolfLink handicap, adequate personal insurance and play without daily green fees.

Access membership is a basic pay-for-play membership that offers:

  • 12 month limited membership at Trentham
  • 12-month access to a GolfLink handicap and personal insurance cover.
  • You can gain access to play in competitions and tournaments throughout Australia.
  • Expires 12 months from the date of issue.

The 5-day green fee pass allows you to play at Trentham mid-week (Monday-Friday) for 12 months. The course is available for play at all times except when it is closed for tournaments and member competitions (set times on Thursdays).

Passes will be mailed to you or you can contact us and arrange a pick up at the clubhouse (open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday). Please read the conditions below before purchasing this combination so you are clear about your privileges and responsibilities.

Access membership conditions

  • The Trentham Golf Club Access Membership is for social golfers who would like to keep a Golf Australia GolfLink handicap, be adequately personally insured when playing golf at any course, and obtain discounted access to play at Trentham.
  • It carries a year-round Golf Australia (GolfLink) handicap and personal insurance, enabling you to play competitions and tournaments anywhere in Australia (where clubs accept visitors and depending on their membership and admission policies).
  • To obtain a handicap you need to fulfil the usual Golf Australia requirements.
  • You may enter the day event for any Trentham club competition (competition fee applies) and win vouchers, balls in the ball competition and nearest-the-pin prizes, but you are unable to win named trophies (including multi-round trophies) or monthly medals.
  • You can transition to full club membership by paying the pro-rata membership rate applicable at the time you switch. We will give you a rebate of $10 for every month remaining on your Access membership.

5-day green fee pass conditions

  • The green fee pass entitles the user to play at Trentham Golf Club without further charge for the period of issue and the time period stated.
  • The course is available for play at all times except when it is closed for tournaments and member competitions (set times on Thursdays, Saturdays and some Sundays).
  • Holders of a 5-day pass can play Monday to Friday. They are able to play on weekends if they pay the usual full green fee (currently $30 for 18 holes).
  • Pass holders who are members of other clubs, with a GolfLink handicap, can play in Trentham club competitions without paying the usual green fee for visitors.
  • On weekends, holders of green fee passes should still book a time with the club booking officer on 5424 1046. Holding a pass gives the user no priority over other players.
  • Pass holders can use the clubhouse at any time it is open.
  • The green fee pass is not transferable to any other person. The club may ask for identification when the pass is presented for play. Transfer of the pass to another person without authorisation will result in withdrawal of the pass without refund.
  • Holders of green fee passes can later transfer to a full Trentham membership. We will rebate one-twelfth of the value for every month remaining on the pass at time of transfer.
  • The club reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time. All valid passes will still be honoured up to the time of expiry.