Some golfers need to use a cart to enable them to play. To enable golfers who walk and golfers who use motorised transport to share the course, we have developed a set of rules and procedures to follow. These enable use of carts without disturbance or distraction as required by the Etiquette of Golf, and to maintain the condition of the course.

 Members and Visitors are permitted to use motorised transport on the course, subject to the following:

Type of vehicles

1. Electric powered carts

For reasons of quietness and with consideration to other players, the preference of the club is for electric-powered carts to be used.

2. Petrol-powered carts

Normal petrol-powered golf carts may be used where they are adequately silenced and are not smoky. They are to be quiet enough not to distract other golfers.

All other petrol-powered transport (e.g. small motor bikes, farm bikes, converted lawn mowers etc.) must be submitted to the Match Committee for approval. They are to be fitted with effective silencers and be quiet enough not to distract or annoy other golfers. Any vehicle considered too noisy will not be approved.

All motorised vehicles must have turf-type tyres that will not damage the course. All carts must be maintained in good order to minimise disruption to other players.

Conditions of Usage

  • Motorised vehicles should be driven on designated paths, fairways and light rough.
  • Motorised vehicles must not to be driven or parked on or within 10 metres of tees or greens.
  • Where there is a blue line around a green, motorised carts must stay outside the line.
  • Consideration should be given to shutting off petrol motors while nearby players play their shots.
  • Motorised vehicle users must not turn so tightly or skid so that they cause fairway damage.

Grievance procedure

Any player who feels their enjoyment of the course is disrupted by a motorised vehicle because it is too loud or smoky, or is damaging the course or being driven in any manner contrary to these conditions, may make a complaint to the Match Committee. The Match Committee may require the golfer using the vehicle to repair or alter it to make it conform to these conditions, or drive it in a manner that does not damage the course. Failure to do so may result in the vehicle being suspended from use on the golf course.


Visitors who are not members of a Golf Australia affiliated Golf Club must provide ‘Proof of Insurance’ prior to using their own motorised cart on the Golf Course.

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