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Help at our working bees

Keeping course improvements coming

There was some great weather over Easter, but there are now tasks to be done around the course as the weather cools. If any member has time to spare, please come and help at our upcoming working bee. With everyone's help, the course will keep on improving!

Planting, Tuesday April 20th

There are 140 plants to be planted to create an attractive cover below the significant Manna Gum at the corner of the 16th fairway. We need to remove branches and sticks and then plant among the litter. Carting watering cans will be one of the tasks required.

It will be easier if members bring their own morning tea, but drinks will be available at the end

Green fee price rise to $35

First increase since 2014

Trentham will be increasing the Adult 18-hole green fee from $30 to $35 from April 1st. It is the first time green fees have risen since 2014 (when they rose to $30). The decision was made at the club's March committee meeting and reflect the increased cost of doing business, particularly greenkeeper wage rises and club insurance over the last seven years. Prices on the ticket machine have been adjusted to reflect the rise.

Visitor prices into our competitions will also increase to $25 ($20 green fee plus $5 competition fee). There will be no increase to the 9-hole or junior green fee rates. Green fees for Access and Lifestyle members (April to September) will remain at $20.

In regard to competition prizes, new voucher books have now been printed, and from this Thursday winners in each grade of a men's or mixed competition will receive a $30 voucher (up from $25). There will be a new voucher of $15 for the runners-up in each grade. The increased prizes reflect the larger numbers entering our competitions, often over 70 players.

Grade numbers remain the same, with three grades for competitions of more than 40 male players.

Improving course safety and play

Arborists work to maintain tree health

The first week of December saw some major work on trees around the course, carried out by our consultant arborists.

Trentham Golf Club has hundreds of trees on the course. They require constant assessment and maintenance for player safety and interference with lines of play.

Two dangerous trees between the 3rd and 4th fairways were completely removed. A number of limbs have fallen off these trees in recent years, one large one as recently as the previous week. Some overhanging branches were removed from the large gum between the 5th and 6th fairways and the large gum on the right hand side of the 14th hole. Apart from improving the line of play, one purpose is to lower stress on very long limbs thereby reducing the possibility of collapse. This also prolongs the life of the tree by minimising disease at any resulting wound site after a branch falls.

On the right hand side of the 7th hole, limbs overhanging into the middle of the fairway were also removed from a number of trees. Forty-five stumps were ground out across most parts of the course, most of these very close to fairways. The stump residue is ground under repair until they can be resown with grass next Autumn.

Thanks to Bob Dobinson, John Bell and Mark Fisher for helping with the clean-up, which was a large task. Also thanks to our captain John Hudson who helped with planning and supervision.

Click and play with a QR code

New simplified Covid-19 procedures

Under the latest Covid-19 regulations, we are still required to record contact details and time of attendance for everyone who plays on the course. However, the club has now introduced a simplified walk-in registration for play at less busy times.

How to register and pay

Environment program ramping up

Trentham environment program working bees

The Trentham Golf Club environment program has planted most of "The Hill" area behind the 14th green. Over 1000 tube stock have been planted! The club recently had successful working bees on Wednesday 30th September, Sunday 4th October and Wednesday 7th October from 9.00 until lunch time.

Contact Geoff Durham 0438 621 483 with questions about the environment program.

MiScore app

Score on your phone instead of a card

Trentham members can now use the MiScore App for scoring at Trentham. The app allows you to score hole-by-hole on your phone as you play your round. The app will work for both competitions and social scoring.

For competitions, the app links to our OneGolf timesheet, competition and handicapping system. It will automatically recognise your group and their daily course handicaps. The app keeps a running score, and at the end of your round you can submit your score from your phone without need for a paper card or using the touchscreen.

For first use, you need to log in to the MiScore app using your OneGolf member log in (i.e. the same log-in you use for timesheets and bookings).

Read more ...

Trentham Environment Project

Trentham Golf Club is rehabilitating and revegetating its old pine plantations. It is a huge task and we need to raise $35,000 to make it all happen.

Significant progress has been made already, however there is a lot more to do. The work covers nearly 3 hectares or 6% of the entire course and includes earth-moving, mulching, planting and watering. We need your help!

We will plant indigenous species suitable for our climate for habitat. In feature areas, we will plant exotic trees with flowers and autumn colour. All plantings will complement and enhance the existing natural beauty of the course. The course will become even more renowned for its overall beauty, colours, diversity and wildlife.

How can you help?

  • Buy a tree
  • Sponsor a major area
  • Make a donation

Find out about the project and make a donation

The work must go on

Course improvements keep coming

During the Covid-19 shutdown, some great maintenance and preparation work was done around the course. Our greenkeepers Bob and Sam have been working on improvements. The 17th green has been reshaped to provide a more level area at the front for more pin positions, and it is now ready for play. Drainage work has also been done on the problematic bunkers on the 5th green. All bunkers on the course have had sand added.

The repaired 17th green is ready for play

With the cessation of fire restrictions, piles have been burnt on the old pine forest areas. A machine mulcher cleaned up a large proportion of these areas in the first week of May ready for planting. The areas have been harrowed smooth.

This area between the 7th and 8th fairways has been machine mulched, then harrowed, to allow planting.

By June 30, Trentham Landcare will be planting out some of the area behind the 14th green. They have provided $6500 in value to the project.

The club has made a purchase of nine advanced deciduous trees for the small area between the 6th and 7th fairways, to make a feature of the area. Some funding for these trees has been made from donations from members and will be planted out when received in winter. To assist the club to rehabilitate the pine forest areas, the club will be having a "Buy a tree" fundraiser over the next year. Details will be released soon.

The volunteer group has been back in action recently, and firewood sales have continued.

Environmental grant to help with ex-pine forests

Trentham Golf Club has received a Commonwealth government environmental grant of $16,500 (inc. GST) to assist with the rehabilitation and replanting of 3 hectares of the course that were originally pine forests. 


Planted in the 1970s, the pine forests were at the end of their commercial life, and were harvested early in 2019. While the club gained some royalty income, the cost of rehabilitation to native habitat (machinery cleanup, plants, labour, tree guards, advice etc.) is far higher than the royalties received and is estimated to be $30-40,000. The club's strategic plan aims for the areas to be replanted to native habitat for wildlife, and the club is currently organising mechanical clean-up and project timelines.

The grant was applied for in September 2019 and received in early January 2020 through the office of our local federal member Catherine King. Colin Wilson compiled the grant application and President Keith Webster was the contact point for Catherine's office. A working group of Geoff Durham, Kirsten Jensen, Trevor McKeon, Simon Ovenden and Colin Wilson is managing the project.

This golfing life

by Neil Aplin

The piercing whistle of the 6.15am train wakes me and the regional town from our nightly slumbers. Birds fly into a dull morning light and I have a moment of panic. For years that train provided my daily commute to the city and work and my mind still equates that train whistle with being punctual.

But I am newly retired and I can now listen to the bird calls and ponder my plans for the day. This new life heralds a raft of opportunities. Bush walks, gardening, travel, and family get-togethers. Most often my day is spent with mates playing golf on one of the region’s prettiest courses. A quiet glass of wine at the 19th hole contrasts with a tepid latte at a city cafe discussing the latest project with a colleague.

The golf course provides a wealth of birdlife and the evidence of nocturnal visits of various animals. I can rely on seeing a gathering of superb fairy wrens in front of the 16th tee set adjacent to a spring-fed stream and protective thorny bushes. An owl often sits high above the fifth green casting a wise eye over the putting on the theatre below. Kookaburras can often be heard laughing at the awkward approach swings or catching a frog in the dam adjacent to the 13th hole. The complaining frog is dispatched with several whacks across a nearby log by the kookaburra. A variety of parrots, galahs, sulphur-crested cockatoos and the destructive little corellas add colour and noise across the course. The corellas ignore the efforts of the greenkeeper’s scarecrows and dangling CDs, often wreaking havoc on their favourite 11th green overnight.


The creek that skirts the eastern boundary feeds a local waterfall and visitor attraction. Before it plunges over the rocks, it is dammed to provide water for the thirsty course. The dam adjacent to the 12th fairway is home to a myriad of waterfowl and errant golf balls; there are heron, egrets, black swans, the white ibis and of course the wood and mallard ducks. Nesting in the safety of the reed banks are the purple swamp hens. The ducks and hens forage on the fairway and risk injury as golfers play their tee shots.

For the early golfers, the sand bunkers provide footprints of the kangaroos, dogs and wombats who traipse across the course each night. The seventh and ninth tees usually display the cuboid spoors of the wombat. The odd echidna will find its way across the practice fairway.

My sleep which used to jostle with the demands of clients now recreates the few good shots of the day. The blast of a train whistle interrupts my dreams. “That is my train and I don’t need to be on it”, I tell my wife as I roll over.

Trentham wins 2019 Victorian Golf Club of the Year

Trentham President Keith Webster accepts the award on behalf of the club.

Trentham Golf Club is the 2019 Victorian Golf Club of the Year. The award was decided at the Victorian Golf Industry Awards presentation at the Arts Centre, Melbourne on Friday August 9.

The award recognises the club's outstanding recent performance in management, including financial management, water security, membership retention, innovative flexible memberships, our popular annual tournament, comprehensive web site, other online technology usage such as membership payments and tournament entry, member communication, volunteering, our environment plan, and beginner clinics, especially for women.

Over the years, the club has developed the course and rebuilt all greens to USGA standards, developed social media usage (our Facebook page now has 1325 followers), instituted OneGolf competition management, developed a great food offering and visitor welcoming through our “Birdie Kitchen”, remotely monitored the clubhouse for security and installed our green fee ticket machine.

Trentham Committee member Anne Cooper and President Keith Webster are pictured with the award.

In other good news, Trentham member and resident Stuart Leong, who coaches at Metropolitan Golf Club and also part-time at Trentham, won the 2019 Victorian PGA Coach of the Year Award. Well done Stuart.

Strategic plan available

The Trentham Golf Club Strategic Plan was adopted by the Committee in August 2018. It is a document that acts as a workable plan for the future development of the club. It tries to plan for everything that will contribute to building this great club. You can download a copy of the Strategic Plan.

The plan is fluid and flexible, and may change with future opportunities. While very important, it is not just about course infrastructure. The over-riding emphasis has been to foster and build a club with an atmosphere of friendship, civility and respect on a beautiful and challenging course, so that all members enjoy and value their membership.

The hard work begins with its implementation. We would like as many members as possible to become involved with implementing the plan. This is the joint responsibility of not only the Committee but all of us, and requires the commitment and goodwill of all.

The Strategic Plan sub-committee was Keith Webster, John Hudson, Ron Winzer, Geoff Durham and Colin Wilson. They will be happy to discuss any aspect of the plan.

Halfway house delights

Trentham's caterers Larissa Ojansuu and Karen Kenton-Barnes have featured in an article in the January 2017 Golf Australia magazine by Brendan Moloney entitled "Halfway House Delights".

Larissa and Karen of Trentham's Birdie Kitchen

The 'Birdie Kitchen' is open every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as during tournaments. They can open on other days for groups by arrangement. Please call the club booking line on 5424 1046 if you wish to enquire about catering for your group. Alternatively contact the club through the "Contact Us" link above.
Larissa and Karen also manage the club's green fee bookings (including social club bookings), golf cart hire and the bar on Sundays.

Read the Golf Australia article ...

Not receiving e-mails from the club?

If you are a member and you are not receiving member e-mails from the club through the system, please try one of the following:

1. If you are using an e-mail address such as Hotmail or Gmail, please check your 'Junk' folder regularly. Sometimes high spam protection settings cause legitimate e-mails to be send to 'Junk'. To stop our e-mails going to 'Junk', make sure you have an entry for Trentham Golf Club in either your Contacts or Safe Senders list, using the club e-mail domain ( The club e-mail is also in the front of the program book, or we can supply it on request using the Contact Us form on this website.

2. We may not have your correct e-mail address, or any e-mail address for you at all. We have tried very hard to gather everyone's e-mail addresses, but there are still a handful of members that don't have an e-mail address on the system. Please send your e-mail address to the club using the contact form on this website.

Club2ic membership system

Trentham Golf Club uses to manage your membership at the club. Club2ic uses on-line membership software and secure servers for on-line billing, member payments, e-mails to members, sending of notices and other important club information. In addition, members can renew their memberships on-line, and update their personal details themselves.

It is important that members access the new system. You can find details of how to do this by clicking the 'How to log in' button below.

How to log in to the system ...

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