This section provides members with "how to" information on membership and playing at Trentham.

Using MiClub at Trentham

MiClub is Trentham Golf Club's supplier of competition and handicapping software. MiClub has timesheets for bookings (both competition and social), scoring and handicap management capability, and can display competition results.

How to use MiClub at Trentham

How to obtain a handicap

A handicap is a way that all golfers can compete against each other in competitions, regardless of ability. To play in competitions at Trentham you will need to obtain a handicap. 

Read our handicapping conditions

Current booking requirements

The club has certain requirements in regard to bookings during busy periods (e.g. competition days and Sundays) and for Covid-19 registration. Please read the information in this article so you are aware of booking requirements.

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Using our competition system

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trentham Golf Club has developed a customised system of online competition entry for members, using cashless payments, timesheets and competition management.

For those members who are unfamiliar with or who need refreshing on Trentham's competition system, this article will provide information on how to enter and pay for competitions at Trentham.

How to use the system ...

A digital membership card

Members can now access a digital Trentham membership card through MiClub.

How to access the card

How to score on your phone

Score on your phone instead of a card

Trentham members can use the MiScore App for scoring at Trentham. The app allows you to score hole-by-hole on your phone as you play your round. The app will work for both competitions and social scoring.

Using MiScore

Want to use a cart?

Some golfers need to use a cart to enable them to play. To enable golfers who walk and golfers who use motorised transport to share the course, we have developed a set of rules and procedures to follow. These enable use of carts without disturbance or distraction as required by the Etiquette of Golf, and to maintain the condition of the course.

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How to play in our events

We play a number of events at Trentham. Do you wonder what Stableford, Par or American Foursomes are? This guide will show you how to play events in our program, and explain how each one is scored. Read them in conjunction with the Rules of Golf.

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Safeguards in hot weather

Trentham Golf Club has developed a heat policy designed to ensure safe playing conditions for members, competition participants and visitors, in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness or possible death in circumstances of extremely hot weather.

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Protecting your privacy

Trentham Golf Club recognises that privacy is important to you and appreciates that you are concerned about your privacy and about the confidentiality and security of information we may collect about you. This Privacy Policy explains how we manage any personal information that we collect.

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