MiClub is Trentham Golf Club's supplier of competition and handicapping software. MiClub has timesheets for bookings (both competition and social), scoring and handicap management capability, and can display competition results.

Logging in to MiClub

You can log in to MiClub with the following:

Address: https://trentham.miclub.com.au
Your user ID: The last five digits of your GolfLink number minus any leading zeros (e.g. 3060600999 becomes "999").
assword: Issued to you on joining

You can change the initial password when you log in to something you recognise. You can also use the same login for scoring in our competitions using the MiScore app (requires a $16.49 pa subscription).

Timesheet bookings

When you are logged in, go to "Bookings" and you will see a list of days and timesheets. Click on the green OPEN for any timesheet that is currently available for bookings. Timesheets open 7 days in advance.

You can then click on "Book Me" in a time slot and the timesheet will record your name. The red X next to your name is a link if you wish to delete your booking, or move it to another tee time on the same day.

You can also book any other golfers (including visitors) with a GolfLink number using the "Book Group" function.

Competition entry

Putting your name on the timesheet online in a competition time will automatically enter you for a competition. You can also enter on the day by registering on the touchscreen in the clubhouse, however there may not be times available due to online bookings.

Scoring and handicap management

You can score using either MiScore on a suitable Android or Apple phone, or by using a traditional paper card.

For details on how to use MiScore, see this article.

For scoring with a paper card, enter your scores on the touchscreen after your round.

Competition results

Results are available on the MiClub member log-in menu. You also can view competition results without logging in by clicking on the link below:


This link is also permanently available on the home page of the club website

Current Covid-19 requirements

Health Department Covid-19 regulations require Trentham Golf Club to keep records of all players who attend the course or who enter the clubhouse. This is done through the Services Victoria App QR code registration. Either scan one of the QR codes around the clubhouse or use the manual paper log-in if you don't have a suitable phone.

If you wish to contact Trentham Golf Club, or ask a question about the course or club, please use this form. (Please note any spam messages will be ignored.)
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