The club has certain requirements in regard to bookings during busy periods (e.g. competition days and Sundays) and for Covid-19 registration. Please read the information in this article so you are aware of booking requirements.

Covid-19 registration

Victorian Health Department Covid-19 regulations require Trentham Golf Club to keep a record of all players who attend the course or the clubhouse. This is done through the Services Victoria App QR code registration. You can either scan one of the QR codes around the clubhouse or use the manual paper log-in if you don't have a suitable phone.

Every player who attends the golf course must register.

Timesheet bookings

Timesheet bookings are compulsory on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday up to 1pm. These are when the course is used for competitions or is normally busy. Members can access the daily timesheets through MiClub

Walk-up starts

We recommend timesheet bookings at all times to make sure you obtain a teetime. However, timesheet bookings are not compulsory (other than the times above) if you wish to take the risk of a walk-up start. Please note that:

  • Players who have reserved a teetime through the timesheets have priority over walk-up starts.
  • You must still register your attendance at the course by scanning the Services Victoria QR code.

If you wish to contact Trentham Golf Club, or ask a question about the course or club, please use this form. (Please note any spam messages will be ignored.)
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