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Frequently asked questions

Online competitions FAQ

Please note that if the course is required to be closed completely, no competitions or social play will be available.

In order to have competitions at Trentham during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making changes to the way they are conducted. Competitions now will run using online entry under the allowed “social golf” model.

How do I play in a competition?

  • Competitions will now be entered solely via the club website and the OneGolf website. There will be no entry in the clubhouse.
  • Members will form their own group via the OneGolf time sheet capability, play “socially” at their own time in a maximum group of four and submit their own scores after their round.
  • Play is limited to the specific day of the competition, but at any time you choose between 8.30am and 12.30pm.

How do I enter a competition?

The only way to enter will be through the appropriate competition time sheet on OneGolf.

  • Go to the Trentham OneGolf website and log-in using your GolfLink member number (remove "30606" and any leading zeros e.g. 3060600999 becomes 999) and password (usually your birthdate eg. "1204").
  • Go to “Bookings” and select the OPEN event you wish to play from the list.
  • You can book for just yourself (“Book Me” in the cell), or for yourself and other golfing partners (“Book Group” next to the time).
  • You can join other golfers if there is a space free.
  • If necessary contact other members by phone to arrange your times. For contact details, use the OneGolf Members Directory and click on the next to their name.

How do I buy competition credits?

  • Credits for competitions can be purchased by going to the Buy Credits form.
  • Credits are $5.50 each. There is a fee of 50c per credit to cover bank fees and administration.
  • Members can purchase competition credits in blocks of 4, 8 or 12. One credit is required per competition ($5.50).
  • Access and Lifestyle (April to September) members can purchase competition credits in blocks of 4, 8 or 12. Four credits are required per competition ($22.00).
  • When you have used up all your competition credits, you must buy another block. Anyone who has zero credits will be deleted from the competition.
  • You can keep track of your credits here. No reminders will be issued.
  • Any credits remaining in the credits system will be applied to normal competitions when and if they resume at a later date.

What is required to play?

  • The time sheet will have times available in groups of four, ten minutes apart from 7.00 to 1.00.
  • To avoid players congregating anywhere near the start, you must play at the time you have chosen on the time sheet, in the group you have made. You should go to the first tee as soon as possible after you arrive, and leave the course as soon as possible after you finish. Do not hang around with other members.
  • During play, remember the rules of social distancing at all times, and all the other hygiene requirements or Local Rules the club has imposed (for example, flags in at all times). For a complete explanation of procedures and local rules, see this article.
  • You can score for yourself, with verbal score agreement by another player in your group.
  • You do not need to mark the other golfer’s card or sign a card as a marker at the end.

How do I submit a score?

  • When you have finished your round, submit your score using this form.
  • We only need the total score in Stableford points, Par or strokes.
  • You can submit your own score and that of your partner in separate reports. Make sure you have the full GolfLink numbers correct.
  • Reporting your score will deduct 1 credit from your credit bank (Members) or 4 credits (Access or Visitors).
  • If scores are not submitted within 24 hours, players will be removed from the competition.

What about competition results and prizes?

  • Results will be available through OneGolf or on the Facebook page as usual. They may not be available until the following day.
  • Prize vouchers and balls in the ball competition will still be awarded. They will be held for when a collection can be arranged, or when the COVID-19 situation changes.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed for further competition credits at a rate of 1 entry per $5 of voucher value. You can use the voucher redemption facility. (Please note that Drummond Golf vouchers cannot be redeemed, they can only be used at Drummond Golf.)
  • There will be no nearest-the-pin prizes.
  • Prizes such as the Eclectic and Averages have been suspended.

Questions or problems?

Please write to entries@trenthamgolf.com.au

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Course conditions

12 May 2020

Fairways: Fairways are in excellent condition.

Greens: Excellent.

Surrounds: Excellent.

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